Belgrad-Park wird geraeumt

Wie bereits berichtet, schlafen viele Flüchtlinge in den Parks. Vor 2 Tagen wurden diese unter massivem Polizeieinsatz geraeumt. Hierzu ein Artikel:

On August 11 around 2pm the police and commissariat evicted both parks
in Belgrade in a joint action.

The parks were surrounded by four buses and 20-30 police officers and a
bunch of commissariat workers told everyone to enter the buses to go “to
the camp.” People report they were threatened to be deported to Bulgaria
or Macedonia if they refused to get on the buses. People were also told
the park was “locked” and that the police would put anyone “from
Afghanistan” they encountered in the parks in the next days into jail.

All of the buses allegedly went to Krnjaca, where hundreds of beds have
stood empty in the last days. To get to Krnjaca before the eviction, you
had to have ‚Krnjaca‘ written on your asylum application paper. The
system it that once you register to begin the asylum process in Serbia,
you are assigned an asylum center where you must go. Thus, most of the
people who applied for asylum have been transported to other camps which
are located all across the country, far off from any opportunity to
organize further travel.

Now that they want to clear the parks, however, it seems the authorities
have decided that it’s time to make use of the free capacities in
Krnjaca in order to hide the migrants from the eyes of the public.

Those who prefer the park to camp are pressured to leave with threats
and lies. There is the aggressive threat of deportation and jail as well
as the insidious lies about the state of the camp. People are convinced
to get on the buses under the impression that the camp is completely
open. It’s close to the city center and they will be able to travel back
and forth easily, they say.

In reality, there have been many reports today (August 12) of men being
trapped in the camp. They enter the camp and then are not allowed to
leave unless they apply for asylum. One group of about 25 men was able
to return to the park today but only through escaping over the fence and
running through the jungle. The men coming back from the camp also
reported how, as they refused to apply for asylum, they were denied the
right to get hot food and to wash their clothes. All these measures
build up a situation that forces people to apply for asylum which most
probably will lead to their deportation to one of the other camps far
away from Belgrade.

Here the park looks devastated. After heavy rain and cold weather broke
in two days ago all the paved ways are wet and dirty with trash and
forgotten items that people left behind. The exposed dirt ground where
grass used to grow remains guarded by ragged head-high plastic fences,
torn and ripped over the time and carelessly mended with plastic bags
and nails. Only some who managed to escape the eviction sit around in
the park that was just yesterday morning filled with a community of
people. They are the ones determined to stay. Whether their actions are
motivated by fear, frustration, anger, or desperation, they like the
park and prefer to stand by it rather than bend to the pressure and
pleas of the authorities.

In the midst of this dire situation, civilian clothed and uniformed
police alongside commissariat workers and NGO volunteers continue to
roam through the parks spreading the propaganda of “you are not
welcome.” They repeatedly approach any remaining groups to tell them
that buses are ready to go and pressure them into going to camp by
saying that they have to make a decision and leave right away. Other
commissariat workers say they don‘t care where the refugees go as long
as they are not in the park.

This is just the next attempt of the Serbian authorities to gain control
over the autonomous movements of thousands of people. It is clear that
the eviction is also a direct consequence of the legal and militarizing
steps that the Hungarian government took to keep people from entering
the country.

Nachdem der Park bzw die Parks geraeumt wurden, wurden alle Grünflächen so umgegraben,mit der Absicht, dass sich dort keiner mehr aufhalten bzw dort schlafen kann.
Hierzu ein paar Bilder:


Als jedoch klar war, dass alle Camps überfüllt waren, kamen die meisten wieder zurück um sich dort wieder niederzulassen, da sie keinen anderen Ort hatten/haben um zu bleiben.

Aktivistengruppen, die sich dort ebenfalls im Park aufhielten/aufhalten, unterstützen die Gefluechteten mit der Aktion: „Der Park ist für alle da“
Wiederrum versuchte die Polizei den Park zu raeumen, an diesem Tag jedoch ohne Erfolg, da alle Refugees zusammen aufstanden und ihnen mitteilten, dass sie nicht gehen würden und dass das auch ihr Park sei. Die Polizei zog nach einiger Zeit ab.

Mittlerweile sieht die Situation aber wieder schlecht aus, da die Leute durch massiven Polizeieinsatz nachts staendig verscheucht werden bzw gewaltsam aus dem Park rausgeworfen werden. Einige berichteten auch von Tritten.
Auch tagsüber treiben sich dort Polizei und Komissariat herum um Aktivisten sowie Flüchtlinge repressiv zu kontrollieren um soziale Arbeit dort möglichst schwierig zu gestalten.